Law Practice Management-- How To Determine Your Fees

Determining fees is a hard law practice management job for the majority of attorneys when believing through their law company marketing plans. In figuring out charges for particular services, lawyers typically fall brief of what they should charge. Too lots of attorneys hesitate of even charging the competitive cost for their services when making their law practice marketing plans. Further, they make the prices choices frequently with no data or conceptual framework. In addition, instead of focusing their efforts on how they can justify getting leading dollar for what they provide, they charge a charge that is frequently way too low and typically in fact can frighten potential customers who believe there is something missing from a service that is " low-cost". Additionally lots of lawyers do not recognize that many purchasers in the market by far are "value buyers" and not trying to find " inexpensive".

So before you sit down and begin analyzing your law practice management prices technique you need some distinctions around rates typically used in law firm marketing preparation. Include your prices strategy to your law firm marketing plans. You need to be sure that you are charging a adequate cost on whatever to guarantee you a excellent profit not simply a good living. If you only bring in people who want to pay the lowest cost for a service, do understand a law practice management law company marketing strategy is not effective. These are not loyal customers. Rather, you desire to focus your law practice management and law company marketing intend on drawing in customers who will become long term properties to the firm. Low price customers are not building your base of long term customers I can guarantee you that.

There are generally four methods of figuring out how much you must be charging for your services. Lets move right into those now.

The Market Technique In Law Practice Management Rates

This is one great way of figuring out prices. Get your assistant to support you in this law practice management task and spend a long time discovering what the variety of pricing remains in the community. Have her do a " secret consumer" research study by calling around as if he/she were a prospective client and find out what your competitors say on the phone to her around rates. She might need to call from her home phone to avoid caller ID. As another alternative you might have him/her call other assistants or paralegals at your competitors and provide to exchange your charges for their charges or you might do that with other attorneys yourself in your market. If you really want to get into it and have maximum information you can write maybe a few lots competitors in your market and state you are doing a cost survey and if they would send you their fee list you will produce a composite list that does not recognize those reacting and send them a copy of the results. To keep it simple for them consist of a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a list of the most typical services used in your practice area. Now you will see what individuals are charging for services comparable to those you provide. You must have the ability to develop a range of costs. Utilize this range to set costs for your own services. My suggestion in law practice marketing preparation is to charge at the 75% level of the list. You should be at or in the leading 25% of the fees.

Keep in mind that in general it is not a great law practice management method to contend on cost. Most prospective clients will see prices that is too low as a signal that there is something missing either from the service, the company, or the company. And individuals who are looking for a low price will follow that low cost any place they can discover it rather than ending up being long-lasting customers. So make sure that your rate covers your costs and a sensible earnings margin.

The Cost Approach in Law Practice Management Rates

This law practice management pricing approach is extremely straightforward really. One just determines what the expenses are to deliver services or items and adds on a sensible profit, someplace between fifteen percent at the least and maybe thirty three percent at the most. The most common mistake in law practice management using this approach is to overlook to consist of some form of your cost. Solo and little company lawyers tend to not include their own salary!

OK, let me state it once again. In law practice management frequently you count yourself out of the expenditures and you should include yourself in the costs. Why? Frequently you are doing at least some of the technical work. Yes? Frequently you are doing at least some of the management work. Yes? As the owner of business you are due a sensible profit. Yes? If you are all three of these in one, you must consider one income as due you for your time and knowledge as the professional and manager along with a earnings of fifteen to thirty percent due you as the owner. Be sure to include a sensible expense for your supervisory and technical work in the expenditures part of this formula.

Fixed Rate Approach in Law Practice Management Rates

This is the technique used by numerous automobile mechanics (it is called "the flat rate book") and other service suppliers. This approach is where you determine a set rate for various tasks and charge that rate no matter what. Another example using this method is how managed health care has utilized this system with hospitals and medical professionals .

The "Rule of Three" in Law Practice Management Pricing

This " guideline" called the " guideline of 3" used in law practice management is not what your Certified Public Accountant may tell you and it does not fail you either. Ask your CPA what they consider it and they will like it. To start we are going to be thinking in thirds. For the very first third we will take the total quantity of salaries/bonuses (not benefits just salaries-- advantages go into the 2nd third following) for the earnings generators and/or timekeepers (this includes you if you are creating income) and call that our very first third. So build up the salaries of the legal representatives, paralegals, and legal secretaries who generate earnings or are Recommended Site timekeepers and call this your very first 3rd (lets just state that number was $100,000 to keep it basic). Whatever that number is take that number once again and it is your 2nd third which we will call your "overhead" (thus that second third is $100,000 and don't forget you if you are doing some managing partner type responsibilities because that part of your time goes here in overhead). Then take that same number and we will call that your last third, which we will call gross earnings (another $100,000). What you need to do is take the total my explanation amount (in this example $300,000) and now figure out just how much you need to charge per billable hour, per repaired rate or how lots of contingency fee cases won to be sure you hit the target we should hit provided our first 3rd number times 3 (in this example $300,000).

This approach reveals you how much per hour you need to charge. Given that you understand how many billable hours each revenue generator can do per month, simply divide that into your overall of all thirds ($300,000) to see what you require to charge per billable hour to make your numbers come out properly. As long as you hit your targets you will be ensured of a 15% to 30% net revenue from your operations. If you are the owner of the practice you deserve a fair earnings as well don't you concur? This technique is called the Guideline of Three. , if this technique is a bit too complicated do feel free to contact me and I will assist you arrange it out in a couple of minutes on the phone.


It is a excellent concept to think through all of these prices approaches in determining your law practice management prices strategy before setting a rate and moving ahead with a law company marketing strategy to guarantee you are thoroughly exploring all choices. In another short article I will inform you how to speak to potential customers so you never have a problem getting the fee you should have.

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